Meijian An/安美建

Researcher on Seismology, Tectonophysics, and Computational Geophysics

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         My preferred address,, was invalid on Sept 20, 2013 because Yahoo!China closed all email addresses of yahoo*.cn.

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         Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences/中国地质科学院
         Beijing, 100081



Research Interests:
        My general interest is in the geophysical computation and modeling. My studies in geophysics have focused on:

  • The computational geophysical studies. I master several computation languages (C/C++, F77, Java, SQL, shell, and some other advanced languages) for Linux/Unix, Windows and Web. Recently, computation techniques and mathematic inversion theories are developing very quickly. The new techniques and theories can help the development of geophysics. Since 1995, my studies have focused on geodynamics and seismology: Finite Element Method inversion of stress field, surface wave dispersion inversion, receiver function inversion and the multi-objective (simultaneous or joint) seismological inversion. In my paper just published in GRL, V31(5), some advanced ideas of inversion and advanced optimization techniques (competent genetic algorithm) are introduced. go to my publications ...
  • Study/image earth structure by seismological/seismic method. Seismological method is one of the best ways to explore the earth. My works have focused on body wave tomography and studies of surface waves and receiver functions. In my paper (2005, J. Seismology), I found artificial effects in the study results from surface wave dispersion for lateral heterogeneous structure, and suggested using different model parameterization to discriminate true structure. go to my publications ...
  • Nonlinear (or linear) inversion/optimization. Most of my works are about the advanced/complicated nonlinear geophysical inversion/optimization. I found an easy way to improve the calculation effect of optimization algorithms (e.g., Genetic Algorithms, Competent Optimization Algorithm), which is talked in my paper (2005, J. South Amer. Earth Sci.). go to my publications ...
  • Stress field studies. Stress field information is very useful in studying tectonic structure and in hazard evaluation in engineering.


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